Phoenix Snake Removal Services

I specialize in safe emergency removal of rattlesnakes and other venomous reptiles in the valley. Snakes such as the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and the Mojave Rattlesnake are commonly encountered around homes and developments, where they can find shelter, food, and water. Construction can also displace snakes living in these areas, causing them to go on the move searching for these resources. These situations can be potentially dangerous, and should be resolved by a licensed expert.

If you find a snake on your property:


Snakes are captured and humanely relocated to an area of their range where they will continue to live a healthy, natural life. They are never harmed in any way, other than the scary experience of being put into a bucket and going for a ride in the truck. The snakes are released to areas within game and fish recommended distances with adequate food, water, and shelter, to hopefully never again see another human.

Snake removal in the Phoenix area is a simple, if done by a person with lots of experience. The majority of venomous snake bites occur when untrained, inexperienced people try to catch or kill the snake it themselves. I use a locking container and 2 different specialty tools to remove snake safely. If the caller can look at the snake until I get there, the catch happens very quickly. If it's done right, rattlesnake removal around Phoenix is usually uneventful, and much more boring than it's made out to be on TV.

Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions performs rattlesnake removal in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Glendale, Anthem, New River snake removal, and rattlesnake removal in Cave Creek, Glendale, and Black Canyon City. The best method to catch an unwanted snake visitor is to find it before the snake can move on, and most of the time calls requesting rattle snake removal in Phoenix requires immediate departure. To ensure a quick arrival, you should email your address while you make the call or shortly thereafter.

West Valley Snake Removal

Rattlesnake Solutions now offers snake removal services in the far West Valley, including Tonopah, Buckeye, Avondale, and Litchfield park. It's the same number - 480-237-9975. Call any time for immediate service.

Many times, snakes in Arizona, when they are seen, are just passing through. Most rattlesnakes in AZ avoid the heat of mid day and are active at night, taking cover after the sun comes up. This is when people tend to see them. When you do encounter a rattlesnake, do not approach, and try to determine whether the snake is on the move or in an stationary position. This type of information can be helpful to the snake removal servicer to find and successfully catch the rattlesnake.