Phoenix Snake Removal

Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions specializes in affordable, fast and humane rattlesnake removal and rescue. We also offer snake fencing and property inspection for identification of possible problem areas to reduce your chances of ever even seeing a snake.

Snake Relocation Services – all day, every day.

If you have a rattlesnake on your property, call 480-237-9975 for a fast response. The snake will be safely and humanely relocated by a licensed and insured snake removal specialist.

Snake removal in Phoenix is unlike other types of pest control. Rattlesnakes are not considered pests, but wildlife managed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Therefore, removing rattlesnakes in Arizona is considered a function of wildlife rescue and relocation, and not a pest control service or extermination.

Part of life in Arizona is the possibility of an encounter with the rattlesnake. As populations grow, more and more homes are built where snakes live, hunt, and breed. That means we may get an unexpected visit from our dangerous neighbors that requires intervention.

Why to relocate instead of kill rattlesnakes

Arizona is home to more species of venomous snake than any other state. Phoenix Rattlesnake Removal is dedicated to peaceful resolution to the inevitable contact between reptiles and ever-encroaching neighborhoods through avoidance, rather than extermination. Rattlesnakes are not pests, but incredibly specialized predators that should be treated with respect.

Snakes play an important role in the desert ecosystem, and belong here just as much as any of us. Through rattlesnake avoidance education and emergency relocation service, our goal is to help Phoenix residents to peacefully co-exist with Arizona's most iconic creature.

Snake removal is a method of humane animal control to peacefully resolve rattlesnake encounters without the need for snake extermination from a pest control company.

Construction and other disturbances of habitat will cause snakes to come into contact with humans near their homes, backyards, and trails. These are all perfect candidates for rattlesnake relocation in Phoenix. It is very possible to live in the Phoenix area and peacefully co-exist with rattlesnakes. To do so requires education, patience, and awareness of the desert in which we live together.

Where are rattlesnakes in Arizona?

Rattlesnakes can be found in areas all across the Phoenix-metro area. The species of snake that could make an unannounced appearance in your yard depends largely on where the home is located within the valley, and the type of surrounding habitat. Snake removal in Scottsdale, for example, is most often open desert generalists, such as the Western Diamondback. Rattlesnake removal in Cave Creek and Carefree could be entirely different, being snakes that prefer rocky, mountainous habitat, like the Blacktail Rattlesnake and Speckled Rattlesnake. In flat desertscrub areas to the West, such as Peoria, snake removal may result in sandy soil loving snakes, like the Mojave rattlesnake or our small Sonoran Sidewinder.

Rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal in the United States. Each year, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 8,000 bites happen, with less than 10 resulting in death. The powerful anti-venin, Cro-Fab, is made using a variety of venom components from common rattlesnakes throughout the country. While it cannot be stressed enough that rattlesnakes in Phoenix are incredibly dangerous and painful, they are not the sudden death situation that television and word of mouth make them out to be. The fear of snakes leads many to attack and kill snakes that are often completely harmless. In the case of an attack on a venomous snake, this will just put the attacker in completely avoidable danger. The majority of rattlesnake bites are in men, with many being on the hand; a sign that basic safety rules associated with living with rattlesnakes were ignored or unknown.

Some people ask me about removing rattlesnake dens on their property, and there is one simple answer: there is not a rattlesnake den requiring removal. Especially during the monsoons, snakes are on the move. Many conclude after seeing multiple rattlesnakes within a short period of time or in close proximity that there is a rattlesnake nest or snake den, when this is most purely often coincidental. Unless you have a very large property with large underground rock systems, or a few large packrat nests, it is very unlikely that you actually require rattlesnake den removal.

For emergency snake removal services, it is very important for the caller to keep eye contact with the snake at all times. Snakes are very good at hiding, and even going inside for a few minutes is enough time for the snake to move to another area, and never be seen again. Rattlesnake removal in Phoenix is a very simple and safe task when the home owner is able to maintain a line of sight with the snake from a safe distance until the snake removal expert arrives.

As part of a home inspection, an attempt will be made to remove snakes living on the property, and provide information to the home owner on how the yard can be modified to keep snakes away. Snakes often leave signs behind that they are living in a particular area, from shed skin fragments to tell-tail marks in the dirt. Often, it is more productive to remove the reasons snakes want to visit an area than it is to actually remove snakes themselves.