Anthem Snake Removal

If you live in Anthem (or anywhere in the 85086 zip code), and have a snake you need to have removed from your property, call 480-237-9975. We are based in Anthem and can be there in just minutes to remove the rattlesnake.


  • Move to a safe area a decent distance away from the rattlesnake
  • Keep eye contact on the snake as much as possible until the animal control agent comes
  • If you are able to, help get me there even faster by e-mailing your street address to


  • Try to catch the snake or other that you cannot 100% identify with certainty
  • Attack or confront the rattlesnake, or put any blocks up to to get photos or a closer view


Anthem Rattlesnake Removal offers Snake Control in the 85086 areas, Anthem rattlesnake contro is also available in the New River and Black Canyon City areas, and throughout Yavapai county where service times permit. The best way to catch a rattlesnake is to get there before it has a chance to move away or hide, and in almost all circumstances a phonecall requiring snake removal in Anthem results in animmediate departure. To ensure fast response times, you may want to send an email with your address along with your call.

Animal Control in Anthem is a simple procedure if performed by an expert with experience with rattlesnakes and other AZ snakes. A majority of rattle snake bites occur when people (mostly men) are not trained or unexperienced in how exactly to do it try it out themselvess. For your safety, do not try to work with a rattlesnake, and stop others from doing so as well.