Snake removal services in the West Valley - Including Buckeye, Litchfield park, Avondale, and Tonopah

The west valley certainly has it's share of rattlesnakes. Unlike much of the rest of the valley, the sandy soils surrounding Tonopah and other areas are home to the infamous mojave rattlesnake, as well as the tiny sidewinder rattlesnake. Rattlesnake Solutions offers fast, humane, 24/7 snake removal services to everywhere in the West Valley.

If you have a snake that needs to be removed in Buckeye, Avondale, and surrounding areas:

  • Make sure everyone is at a safe distance. Do not approach the snake.
  • Call (480) 237-9975 and report what you see to the field agent
  • Keep an eye on the snake until help arrives.
  • A snake removal expert will leave immediately for your location to capture and relocate the snake.

What kinds of snakes live in the West Valley?

The loose dirt blowing across the Colorado river desert scrub between Phoenix and California is home to many species of desert snake. The mojave rattlesnake and sidewinder are the most common rattlesnake species that can be found in the area. Although others can also be found (the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake being the most common), these particular two tend to travel longer distances and end up where they shouldn't be. Places like Tonopah, for example, largely exists on a sandy flood plain where these snakes make their living on kangaroo rats and other rodents that live in the creosote roots.

On warm, humid evenings, the mojave rattlesnake and sidewinder are known to travel in great numbers across these areas, and are not difficult to find along roadways at night. They may use structures, waterways (swimming pools) and man-made features as shelter or another opportunity to hunt for prey. Of course, for as bad of a reputation that the mojave rattlesnake gets for its powerful neurotoxic venom, it, like all rattlesnakes, is a relatively shy animal that simply wants to be left alone. This is why humane relocation is the preferable option. A professional snake catcher can safely capture and move the snake to a safe distance, and often tell you why the snake is there to begin with. Snakes, like all animals, are looking for food, water, shelter, and other resources. When they are provided, rattlesnakes may pay a visit.

Buckeye and Avondale Present Unique Challenges for Snake Habitat

Unlike the typical Sonoran species of snake found throughout the rest of the valley, rattlesnakes in this area tend to move more, and often. They are not particularly tied to the rocky areas, and in fact will often avoid them. The open areas and dirt yards found throughout Tonopah, Buckeye, and areas of the valley tied to the Hassyampa river basin are great places for these snakes to live and hunt. In Laveen and Avondale, for example, there are many places where wet, food-rich farmland come right to the edge of native desert. These transition zones are perfect opportunities for rattlesnakes to live, hunt, breed, and sometimes find their way into your yard.

If I live in Avondale and see a snake, is it always a rattlesnake?

Nope! This isn't just Avondale of course - we're just mentioning it because it tends to have a few more densely populated areas that can be some distance from where rattlesnakes can thrive. Rattlesnakes are specialists, meaning they require very certain things in order to live. Beyond a few blocks in from native, non-farmland desert, rattlesnakes simply do not want to be there. Other snakes, on the other hand, do quite well. It would not be uncommon to see a large gophersnake or kingsnake, and many of the smaller snakes such as groundsnakes and nightsnakes, right in city neighborhoods all throughout Buckeye and Avondale. Litchfield Park, for instance, has a thriving population of desert nightsnakes, which enjoy the massive source of prey provided by watered lawns. That doesn't mean they are dangerous, of course. Rattlesnake bites are largely optional encounteres. Even the notoriously 'aggressive' mojave rattlesnake found out in the West valley, is simply defensive. Leave it alone and it will not progress.

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