Emergency Rattlesnake Control

If you encounter a rattlesnake and feel you are in danger, please move to a safe location and keep all pets, children, and shovel-weilding husbands far away. If the snake is on the move, it very well may just continue off your property. If this is what is happening, let it go. Rattlesnakes don't like seeing you, either, and will gladly leave your yard when discovered.


  • Quickly move to a safe distance
  • Call Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions at 480-237-9975
  • Keep visual contact with the snake constantly until help arrives
  • If possible, help speed up my arrival by emailing your address to info@phoenixsnakeremoval.com


  • Try and kill or capture the snake yourself, or allow your spouse or neighbor to do the same
  • Do not take your eyes off the snake for a second, if possible. Snakes are good at hiding and can surprise you with how quickly they will disappear, even on a short break
  • Confront the rattlesnake or "push it" in order to get photographs or further inspect the animal