Rattlesnake Control in Apache Junction and Mesa Snake Removal

We are experts in snake removal and rattlesnake relocation in the Apache Junction and Mesa suburbs of the Phoenix metro area. The rocky foothills and surrounding desert adjacent to the Superstition mountains provide excellent opportunities for rattlesnakes to come into contact with home owners. Some parts of Mesa, in particular the Red Rock area, have some omf the most rattlesnake-rich areas in the entire valley, and are rattlesnakes are frequently seen in yards during the warm parts of the year. Snake removal services to the Mesa area, and the rest of the East Valley, are available 24-hours a day by calling 480-237-9975. Rattlesnake control can also be scheduled to the AJ area by emailing info@phoenixsnakeremoval.com.

We perform snake removal in Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Red Rock and Superstition area snake control. The best way to capture an snake visitor is to make sure and find it before the rattlesnake can move away, and most of time service calls requiring rattle snake removal in Mesa require fast departure.

If you do happen to find a snake on your property in Mesa or AJ:

  • Get to a safe distance as fast as possible. Do not approach the snake, but keep aware of where it is located.
  • Call for snake removal at Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions at 480-237-9975
  • Maintain visual contact with the rattlesnake until help arrives. Snakes are great at hiding, and only need a few seconds to escape. The chances of a successful rattle snake removal are much higher if the home owner is able to point out the location to the snake removal agent.


All snakes that are captured are humanely released back to areas of their natural range where they can live healthy, natural lives away from yards in the Mesa area. They will never be harmed in any way. All snake removal and rattlesnake control capatures in Mesa and Apache Junction are safely released within game & fish recommended distance with adequate resources to ensure the best chance of survival.

Many times, snakes in Mesa, when they are spotted, are no more than passing through. Most snakes in Apache Junction and anywhere for that matter, avoid the hottest part of the day and become most active at night, taking refuge after the sun rise. This is when people tend to see them. When you do encounter a rattlesnake, do not approach, and try to determine whether the snake is on the move or in an stationary position. This kind of info is a help to the snake removal agent to find and successfully remove the rattle snake.

Snake removal in Mesa is a very simple, if performed by an agent with the right experience. The vast majority of venomous bites happen when untrained, inexperienced men try to catch, injure, or kill the rattle snake. We use locking containers and 2 different specialty tools to remove snake safely. If the caller can visibily identify the location of the snake until we arrive, the capture will happen very fast. When performed right, rattlesnake removal in Mesa is uneventfu, and more boring than it's portrayed on television.