Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep rattlesnakes out of my yard / snakes away from my property?

Yes we do. The first thing that should be done is have a rattlesnake specialist come out and take a look at your property. Usually, there are a few things that snakes are visiting a property specifically for. Removing these elements can keep your chances of snakes coming to pay a visit to a minimum. We have developed a scored system to evaluate your relative chances of rattlesnakes ending up in your yard, and can tell you exactly how to reduce those chances. We have also partnered with a top snake proof fence installation specialist who can inexpensively put rattlesnake barriers around your property to seal it against wandering reptiles.

How fast do you respond?

We're one step away from sleeping with boots on. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we will be burning rubber in your direction immediately after your call.

What do you do with the snakes you catch?

They are released as soon as possible to areas within their home range, as is required by Arizona Game & Fish. They are relocated to areas that look to offer abundant resources and the chances for success for the snake are highest possible.

Wouldn't a snake released back to its home range just come back?

In any testing I am aware of, as well as my own experience capturing snakes and studying them in the wild, rattlesnakes will avoid places where they have been signifigantly disturbed. Being grabbed by giant metal pincers and thrown into a bucket before going for a car ride by a big sunburnt mammal certainly qualifies as 'disturbed.' Most snakes we relocate are on the property purely by chance, having just wandered in, and will not seek out the same location after a relocation. Even in the wild, a snake that is bothered in a location that it frequents will give up the area in favor less dangerous places.

Why don't you just kill the rattlesnakes?

Rattlesnakes are a vaulable part of the desert ecosystem and belong here much more than our stucco jungle does. They end up in our yards on accident, after their habitat was replaced with our driveways, doorsteps, and lawns. Living with these animals is just part of being an Arizonan. Killing snakes that end up on property does not make a person any safer, and in fact can be the primary cause of bites in some instances.

Why do you charge to capture rattlesnakes?

Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions is a for-profit business, not a service offered by the city. Other than that, catching a rattlesnake is simply dangerous work, and we feel that such risk, knowledge, and time is worthy of compensation. We charge about half of what a pest control company would for far superior, immediate, expert service that does not harm the snake.

Is it legal to kill rattlesnakes in Arizona?

If you have a hunting license, unfortunately, yes it is. There is no reason to, however, so don't put yourself at risk and needlessly kill our wildlife.

Does a circle of rope work as a rattlesnake proof barrier?

Absolutely not. Rattlesnakes live in the desert, and have no trouble crawling right over even the prickliest of cacti, as I've watched them do many times. A rope, horsehair or otherwise, provides zero protection from any species of snake. This is a complete myth.

Does rosemary work to keep snakes away?

I've found plenty of rattlesnakes living quite happily at the base of rosemary bushes in Phoenix yards. They told me that rosemary doesn't do anything to deter them. at all.

Does gasoline get rid of snakes?

Pouring gasoline into the ground to try and get rid of snakes could possibly one of the more foolhardy actions undertaken by any human being, anywhere, in our entire conscience history. Don't do it.

Will you sell me a rattlesnake?

Absolutely not, please do not ask. It is illegal to do so, and not why we do what we do.

Do you install snake proof fencing to keep snakes out of the yard?

Yes we do. To be sure you can keep them out, we recommend a one-two approach. First, schedule a home inspection and an expert in wild rattlesnakes will come to your home to find any that may be around, and why they may be visiting. Second, seal the yard for good with snake resistant barriers and fencing.

Do you offer rattlesnake avoidance training for my dog?

We do not, but strongly recommend calling ViperVoidance for proven snake avoidance training.

Are you hiring?

Yes! If you have lots of experience working with hots, don't free-handle Crotes like a dumbass, and don't have a problem with wearing safety gear, give me an email.


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