Keep Rattlesnakes Away

Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions offers property inspections to help you avoid a rattlesnake encounter long before it happens. Snakes in the desert are in competition for resources, which we unknowingly offer up on a silver platter around our homes and yard. Many of the snakes I have removed in Phoenix are there for obvious reasons, and these can be easily avoided.

If you're serious about keeping rattlesnakes out of your yard, we recommend:

1. Find out why they're there, and remove any existing snakes.
We know snakes better than any pest control company out there, and we know what snakes like. Schedule a home inspection to find out what is drawing snakes to your yard, and what you can do about it. Any snakes that currently live there will be removed and relocated. You may be surprised by what lives right under your nose. Email to schedule an appointment.

2. Seal them out for good by installing snake proof fencing and rattlesnake resistant barriers. Once you've removed rattlesnake attracting features and all are gone from the area, have non-chemical rattlesnake proof fencing and barriers professionally installed to keep out any wandering snakes. If you want to protect your yard from snakes, get a free estimate.


What Can You Do?

Rattlesnakes are drawn to homes for several reasons. Like all animals in the desert, a the constant water supply and large amount of cool, secure hiding places make many yards the ideal habitat for a snake to take up residence. Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions will come to your home and inspect your yard to find possible trouble areas and give suggestions on how to greatly reduce the likelyhood you will ever see a snake.

In addition to the consultation on how to improve your yard to keep snakes away, the property will also be inspected for signs of any unseen snakes that may be living on the property or visiting for food, water, and shelter. From years of searching for rattlesnakes in the wild, we have the experience and eye to effectively hunt down and remove snakes from.

You will also learn rattlesnake avoidance tips, learn about which snakes are actually beneficial to have on your property, and have any questions you may have answered. Knowledge makes all the difference when it comes to safely co-existing with the native snakes of Phoenix.

How Long Does it Take?

The typical rattlesnake property inspection will take about an hour. This covers the inspection of a single residence and associated property. Any snakes caught during the inspection are removed and relocated free of additional charge. For larger properties, such as multiple-home inspections, worksites, apartments, or commercial properties, please contact for pricing information.

Inspection times may be most productive during peak activity times, which may vary depending on the time of year.

To schedule an appointment, fill out the form above, call 480-237-9975, or email You'll be contacted shortly to discuss your needs and schedule a time for your inspection.

Rattlesnake Avoidance

Many people, when moving to the Phoenix area, want to know how to keep rattlesnakes away from your home, and how to keep snakes out of the yard. They try a variety of things; most simply do not work. There are several chemical snake repellants and rattlesnake barriers that are made out of mothball material, which are supposed to deter snakes and make them not want to cross an invisible line. These simply do not work. While these chemicals may keep a snake from actually bedding down and living in a yard, most rattlesnake removal calls capture a snake that is either on the move or just passing through, using some shade or temporary place to sit. Rattlesnake repellants are not a viable long-term solution.

There are also pure myths about what keeps rattlesnakes away from homes, such as laying a horse-hair rope down which snakes supposedly will not cross, and sprinkling lyme around the property. These are absolutely false, and will not keep snakes away from your home.

There are snakes that are great to have around your yard. A good portion western diamondback home calls end up being gophersnakes, which can look similar and even mimic the defensive display of a rattlesnake by flattening the head and rattling the tail. These harmless snakes eat a lot, and compete with rattlesnakes for prey items that may live in and around your yard. Less food means less snakes. The common kingnsnake is another welcome visitor. Kingsnakes are tolerant to the venom of rattlesnakes, and actually hunt and eat them as one of their primary food sources. Coachwhips are also known to eat rattlesnakes, and have a great appetite. Although many people have a great fear of snakes in general, these are some examples of beneficial snakes that can actually help keep your property free of venomous snakes in Phoenix.