Keep Your Dog Safe From Rattlesnakes

Dogs are curious and have no natural aversion to the sight, smell or sound of a rattlesnake. A strike-ready diamondback looks like something fun to play with to an unknowing pet, and as a result, many dogs are bitten in the Phoenix area each year, often fatally.

This can be largely avoided, however, by teaching the dog that rattlesnakes are to be avoided at all costs. It is recommended to all dog owners who could possibly come into contact with a rattlesnake that a proven aversion training program be taken.

Phoenix Rattlesnake Solutions does not offer this training. We recommend ViperVoidance for proven, cost-effective training.

If you live in an area prone to rattlesnake visits, it may also be a good idea to have your yard inspected by a rattlesnake expert to find out if anything in the yard may be attracting snakes, and how you can seal your yard against unwanted venomous visitors. Snake proofing a yard is a simple process that can make a life or death difference to your pet when installed by a professional with knowledge of our native snakes.