Snake Removal Servicies in Sun City, Arizona

The area directly surronding Sun City is home to many species of snakes, including a few species of venomous rattlesnakes. In the flatter, sandy areas, and in dry washes, the Mojave Rattlesnake and Sonoran Sidewinder can be found. The Western Diamondback also makes its home in the general desert areas that surround. If you encounter one of these animals and need it to be removed, please do the following:

What to do if you have a rattlesnake problem in Sun City:

  • Get everyone to a safe distance, safely. There is no need to run.
  • Make sure to watch where the snake is the entire time. The agent that comes will need this information.
  • Call us at (928) 328-1603 and tell us exactly what you see.
  • A field agent will be dispatched immediately to your location.


If left alone, rattlesnakes pose a very minor threat. We encourage you to stay as far as possible from the snake, not only for your own safety, but so that the snake is not startled before someone can come remove the snake.

There are also many non-venomous, harmless snakes that can be found in the Sun City area. The most common of these is the Sonoran Gophersnake, which can put on an impressive defensive display, and look and sound a lot like a rattlesnake to the untrained eye. They even rattle their striped tails, flatten their head, and hiss loudly. There are also several small snakes that are often called in as baby snakes, or coralsnakes. These are almost always Groundsnakes, which seldom exceed lengths of 12" as adults, and feed on centipedes and spiders around the house.

Rattlesnake Myths

Baby Rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adults

FALSE - While some species of rattlesnake may have different levels of toxin as babies, the real danger in a bite comes from the amount of venom injected. Likewise, the strike range of an adult snake may be up to 2', while a baby can only strike a few inches. This is a common myth.

Mothballs keep snakes away

FALSE - We've actually found rattlesnakes sitting comfortably IN a pile of mothballs. While the chemicals in mothballs may be irritating to the snake, they do not repel them, and at best, may possibly disrupt scent paths as they track prey. It is not advisable to lay down moth balls, or any other chemical repellent that promises to keep snakes away. They simply do not work.

Rattlesnakes always rattle before they strike

FALSE - A rattlesnake will strike whenever it feels that it must. Usually this is a last resort. The venom itself is biologically expensive to produce, and to waste it could leave the snake without a meal and defenseless. Rattlesnakes, like most reptiles, are extreme specialists, and employ camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. If this fails, the snake may rattle, and if that fails to deter the attacker, a strike may occur. Snakes may go right to strike if disturbed directly, as in being stepped on, or the snake has been sleeping. Also, like all animals, individual behavior differs, and some may just not rattle much, while others may rattle at the drop of a feather and never strike.

Sun City Snake Removal is the North-West valley's dedicated service unit of Rattlesnake Solutions LLC.