Wickenburg Snake Removal & Rattlesnake Control

The Wickenburg area is home to five species of rattlesnake, the Sonoran Coralsnake, Gila Monster, and many other non-venomous species of reptile. We provide safe, effective, and completely humane reptile removal services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to do if you encounter a snake on your property:

  • Move everyone to a safe distance. Do NOT approach the snake or try to kill, capture, or otherwise engage
  • Keep visual contact with the snake. The field agent will rely on your information.
  • Call (928) 328-1603 and report what you see.
  • A field agent will be dispatched immediately to your location.


It is important to keep eyes on where the snake is. This information is very important to make sure the field agent can safely remove the animal.

100% Safe and Humane. The field agent that visits your home is well trained on proper handling techniques and works within the guidelines of Arizona Game & Fish to make sure that no snake is ever harmed during the relocation procedure. The snake will be taken to an area where it has the best chance for survival and least chance for future run-ins with humans. Snake relocation is an effective alternative to rattlesnake extermination or killing a snake.

We provide snake removal services to Wickenburg, Morristown, Wittmann, Surprise, and Sun City regions of the Phoenix Metro area. When you call, a trained reptile expert is sent out within minutes. We understand that it is a serious situation and all efforts will be made to arrive and remove the snake as fast as possible.

In Wickenburg, the most common venomous snake is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, followed by the Mojave Rattlesnake. Depending on where in the region you live, you may encounter other species. In the rocky hills, the Speckled Rattlesnake and Blacktailed Rattlesnake can be found year-round. In flatter area, especially near sandy soil, the Sonoran Sidewinder is a very common snake. To learn more about many of the snakes found in the Wickenburg area, visit our page about the Snakes Found in Arizona.

Keeping rattlesnakes out of your yard and getting snakes away from property can be a challenge in desert areas, such the surroundings of Wickenburg. Snakes are cold blooded predators that require food, water, and shelter like any animal. Gardens and landscaping provide opportunities for them to find prey, get a drink of water, and hide from the heat and predators. Reducing these factors on your property can help keep snakes away by simply denying the things that attract them.

Wickenburg Snake Removal is the North-West valley's dedicated service unit of Rattlesnake Solutions LLC.